What Makes A House A Home?

What makes a house a home?


Is it the furnishings, handed down or carefully chosen? The perfect sofa you discovered in the back room of the furniture store after weeks of searching. The old chest that was in your grandmother’s dining room.


Or is it the cozy touches? The big fluffy pillows, the crocheted throw your mother made for you, the painting your child brought home from school that you framed and hung in the living room.

Or could it be the little artful items you’ve found on your travels? The deliciously scented candle you found in a little shop along the canal. The plant hanging in your kitchen window, grown from a friend’s cuttings.


Or perhaps it’s the people you share your space with, family and friends, and all of the history you share.


I think it’s all of these things that make a home. And it’s the thing that ties them all together – the stories they tell. The things in your home that mean the most to you are all greater than they might appear. They have depth and meaning because of the thought and care that went into finding them. They have history and life and memories.


Lagom is my home away from home.


The items I carry in the store all have stories behind them. Each craftsperson has their own history and philosophy. The makers I work with use natural fibers and sustainable materials. When you buy their handmade pieces, you know that someone put in many trial hours, worked hard to perfect their craft and finally presented you their final proudest effort.


At Lagom, you’ll see repurposed and vintage items that come with their own history alongside new things waiting for you to add your story.


I choose each item I offer with care and attention, because I want the shop to showcase the Lagom philosophy “not too little, not too much - but just right.” I hope you’ll visit often to find new items and new stories for your home.


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